Permanent makeup

Permanent Make-up

Retouch within 2 months


Retouch within 3 months


Retouch within 18 months


Retouch after 2 years


In post-treatments, longer than 2 years after the last application, permanent make-up is seen as a new treatment. We therefore also charge the price of the original treatment.

Eyeliner (top and bottom lid)


Hair strokes


Eyeliner (top or bottom lid)


Powder brows


These treatments include information/consultation, second treatment and post-treatment.

At least two treatments are always required for the permanent make-up.

About 6 to 8 weeks after the first treatment, the second treatment is carried out in order to improve blurred or less defined areas.

Sometimes, a third treatment is necessary

What is permanent makeup

Permanent makeup or PMU is the insertion of pigments into the dermis. This is done with a pen in which a needle / hygiene module is placed. Permanent makeup is similar in technique of tattooing. Often, therefore, referred to as tattooing eyebrows. (Source: Wikipedia)

Permanent makeup treatment – how it works!

Applying permanent makeup is usually done in two or three treatments. Beforehand, we discuss with you what your needs are. Together we lay out the requirements of the customer (eyebrows). You can see immediately if that is what you want, or we need to change something. If the shape is clear, permanent makeup is applied. Do not be alarmed by the pigment color immediately after the treatment. This is much darker than it will be by the end of the treatment. The eyebrows will fade to around 60% of color within two/three weeks.

After this, we should see results in around 4 weeks. The time between the first and second treatments is determined by the recovery of the skin, which will take slightly longer in older people (5 to 6 weeks is possible). At the second treatment, we sculpt the eyebrows as required. If necessary we will arrange a 3rd treatment if it is not properly filled. Thereafter, the treatment of the PMU is complete and it stays for between 1-4 years. The same applies for the permanent eyeliner.

Eyebrow Tattooing official diploma

There is an official diploma for applying permanent makeup through the trade association for beauticians. I am in possession of all the necessary qualifications for tattooing eyebrows or putting permanent makeup. The original certificate can be found in the salon.